Mediterranean Feast - Marinated Greek Chicken:
Chafing Dishes Loaded with Marinated and Grilled, Greek Style
Souvlaki Chicken Strips (Marinated in Lemon, Olive Oil, Rosemary and
Shallots with Mediterranean Herbs), a Classic Caesar Salad with our
Homemade Caesar Dressing, Chafing Dishes Filled with Traditional
Middle-Eastern Style Tomato, Chick Pea and Lemon Stew, Urns of Our
Homemade Moroccan Style hummus with Baskets of Pita Points,
Chafing Dishes of Vegetarian Style Greek Style Green Beans with
Herbed Tomatoes, Sliced French Bread and Butter, an Assorted Platter
of our Homemade Desserts and Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with Everything
You Need to Serve Anything we Provide