Chicken Parmesan - Sicilian Style:
Chafing Dish Loaded with our Sicilian Style (un-breaded) Chicken
Parmesan Topped with Parmesan Infused Marinara, Mozzarella and
Capers, a Classic Caesar Salad with our Homemade Caesar Dressing
plus Assorted Dressings -OR- a Garden Salad with Chunks and Slices of
Fresh and Pickled Vegetables, Chafing Dishes Filled with Buttery Mashed
Potatoes Rustica -OR- Long Grain and Wild Rice -OR- Tri-Colored
Rotini in a Garlic Butter Sauce, Chafing Dishes Loaded with a Lightly
Seasoned Vegetable Medley, French Bread and Butter, an Assorted
Platter of our Homemade Desserts and Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with
Everything You Need to Serve Anything we Provide