Caribbean Style Cuban Pork and Chicken:
Chafing Dish Loaded with Pulled Pork Shoulder (Marinated in Citrus
and Sherry - Roasted and Pulled) plus Chafing Dishes of Lime Grilled
Chicken Breast Topped with Pepper and Onion Chutney,
Ensalada-Cubana - with Summer Radishes, Sweet Onions, in Crisp
Lettuce with an Herbed Citrus Vinaigrette plus an Assortment of
Dressings, Ramekins of Assorted Cuban Style BBQ Sauces plus
Avocado and Chopped Tomatoes, Pickles and Onions, Chafing Dishes
of White Rice Mixed with Cuban Style Black Beans, Featherbed Rolls
and Butter, an Assorted Platter of our Homemade Desserts and Fresh
Brewed Iced Tea with Everything You Need to Serve Anything we