Bratwurst - Pan Seared
with Peppers and Onions:
Chafing Dishes Loaded with Biased Sliced (or Whole with Buns)
Roasted Bavarian Style Bratwurst Sautéed with Peppers and Onions, a
Garden Salad with Chunks and Slices of Fresh and Pickled Vegetables,
German Style Sauer Kraut with Celery Seed and Capers, Chafing Dishes
Brimmed with Onion Spiced and Oven Roasted New Potatoes, Chafing
Dishes Filled with Lightly Buttered and Seasoned Vegetable Medley,
Baskets of Featherbed Rolls and Butter, an Assorted Platter of our
Homemade Desserts and Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with Everything You
Need to Serve Anything we Provide