Oklahoma Style BBQ Sandwiches
(Can be Ordered as Pre-Made and Foil Wrapped):
Chafing Dishes Loaded with Oklahoma Style Slow Smoke Roasted and
Chopped Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork Shoulder and Roasted Pulled Chicken
in our Homemade Oklahoma Refined (Sweet), Oklahoma Crude (Spicy)
BBQ Sauce and Pig-Stand Savory BBQ Sauce plus Baskets of Sliced
White Buns, Trays of  Mayonnaise, Yellow Mustard, Pickles Chips,
Peppers and Onions, Assorted Individually Bagged Chips, Platter of
Assorted Homemade Cookies and Grandma Williams Pioneer Brownies
plus Sliced Fresh Fruit, Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with Necessary
Condiments Included with Everything You Need to Serve Anything we